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I am a married mom of 3 and deal with collectibles. We sold on ebay in the past, and have gotten away from that. Now we have a collectibles websites, with informational pages I've written on collectibles, collecting and a few other items. I love history and vintage postcards and old books. I hope to blog about my feelings on collecting, trends, different types of collectibles and more.

Vintage Board Games are Collectible But Tougher To Ship

Vintage board games are another great collectible. When cocomilk was selling or auctioning collectibles we would occasionally put vintage board games on the site, some did well, some not so good. When we found out some would auction well we got a little goofy hitting goodwill stores, Salvation Army stores, second hand stores, flea markets and garage sales buying them up. We found especially at garage sales we could buy them dirt cheap, estate sales we found they were a little bit more expensive. Continue reading

My Son Was Disappointed By A Major Card Company

My eleven year old son loves collecting sports cards and other sports memorabilia. As far as sports cards are concerned his dad has taught him to be very organized and know what’s what. The boy and his dad buy the packs and sports boxes and open packs quite often, do card trading and stuff like that with each other to work on their sets and can sit at the table and work on them for quite some time. Such a good father and son moment to learn to work together and spend quality time together and teamwork, among other things. Continue reading

Muscle Cars Were The Bomb !

When I think about the cars of today, I think boring. I think that you can’t tell a Chevy Impala from a Cadillac or a Lincoln Continental. Some cars look different like the Scion and you got your SUV’s and Hummers but heck nothing beats a good old vintage Muscle car ! The 1960s and 1970s in my opinion were the best time growing up especially if you were a baby boomer and it was the time you were going to be driving soon, yikes look out everyone of your friends was buying muscles cars. Continue reading

Small Flood, Most Collectibles Are Fine

I posted on this blog the other day that there was a box of car brochures and some other items sitting by my computer desk that I never got around to scanning and a pile of books too. The books are still there, but the box was put in the basement for later scanning, my husband put them on the floor next to a wall while he’s rearranging and redoing the basement. Continue reading

Book, Car Brochures or Magazines ?

Wow I’m have been so unmotivated lately. I had a box no wait 3 boxes of car brochures I was supposed to scan and review and get into order for the website. Those boxes have been removed for now, I just couldn’t get up the gumption to even scan them. Now I have some books that are looking at me from the top of my computer desk, I think they are waiting to be scanned now. Continue reading

What Type of Collector Are You ?

What type of collector are you ? There are so many different things and so many different ways to collect it’s tough to figure out what to offer the collectors. There are many different genres of collecting from stamps, coins which are more organized. Then there are people who collect what they like and they are organized, then there are people like me who grab a postcard from our stockpile for no other reason than I like the scene on it. Continue reading

Japanese Collectibles VS Family Heirlooms

There are many people that collect Japanese items. I don’t collect them per se, however I have many Japanese items that people would find collectible but mine are family heirlooms. I don’t know a ton about them but can give you a little background but not much and I’m posting pictures of some of them here because they are nice to look at. Continue reading