Car Brochures – Full Line or Specific Make and Model

I know that there are some people that collect car brochures. Some people collect in different ways. We have a fairly good selection of vintage and new car brochures. Although I sometimes can’t tell which is more popular with visitors to our website, full line brochures, or make and model specific car brochures.

We have a large selection of various vintage and newer car brochures. We break them down first by Makes, as in, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Dodge and more. Then we break them down by model or full line. Full line brochure will list all the makes for that model for a particular year. Chevrolet full line brochures might have the Impala, Volt, Chevelle, Corvette, Nova, Caprice, Bel Air and more. We also have brochures that are dedicated to one specific car Make and Model, where the entire brochure is only about the Make and Model like a Chevrolet Corvette brochure, would only have information on the Corvette and will have more detailed information for that model.

We try to break car brochure into makes, models and then years so it’s easier to find them on the website. We also have a section that isn’t broken down into make and model, and it’s dedicated to Antique car brochures, although as time passes I guess more brochures will need to be added since the cars become older, because of time passing and they would move from the Vintage Car Brochure category to the Antique Car Brochure category.

I think sometimes when people have a collectible older car they tend to be looking for Model specific car brochures with their car featured, then if they have a car in a car show they also will display the brochure with the vehicle. We have many people who purchase used cars and would like to have a brochure for their car, those people are not as set in looking for model specific brochures. A brochure for the full line of a Make of car will have enough information about their car, that it is all they need.

We occasionally will hear from people who are trying to restore a vintage car and are looking for an older vintage car brochure so they can find out the paint name, trim information, specs and pictures of the cars and interiors, especially if they want the car to look stock, as in out of the factory with no modifications. Usually if a car is in a car show, it is preferred that the car look like factory models and not something that has had so many changes it’s not desirable.

That’s one reason I’m glad we have such a great variety, I talked to people over the years who’ve told me that they were very happy we had the brochure that they were looking for and it would help them greatly with their restore, or they would just like to have an original print brochure that the dealers no longer carry.

All the car brochures on the website are original print vintage and newer car brochures. We do not deal with reproductions, and when I can find them on the brochure, I always try to add the copyright information for the brochure in the description. Some manufacturers will even give the brochures a part number.