Kids Who Collect, My Interview Of My Son

Today I’ll be posting on the blog about kids and what they collect and why they collect. It will be a perspective on what is great about collecting and maybe not so great. What is the easy part of collecting and what is the hard part. The difference will be, I will be interviewing my 11 year old son for this post.

My son has been collecting for a while now so let’s start there.

Mom: How long have you been collecting ?
Son: I’ve been collecting for about 7 years now.

Mom: How did you get starting in collecting and collectibles ?
Son: I got started because my dad and my grandpa have been collecting baseball cards and stamps and coins for a while.

Mom: What is your favorite thing to collect ?
Son: My favorite thing to collect would be sports card, especially football and baseball cards.

Mom: What is the best part of collecting sports card ?
Son: The best part of collecting sports cards is maybe in twenty years the good players and rookies will be worth something.

Mom: So if the cards wouldn’t be worth something someday you wouldn’t do it ?
Son: I would still do it for the fun of it, but I’d be a little disappointed that it’s not worth something.

Mom: What is the hardest part of collecting sports cards ?
Son: The hardest part would be that if you need a card for a long time and it’s worth a lot of money you’d have to pay a lot for it.

Mom: How do you get the cards you collect ?
Son: My mom and dad buy me packs and boxes of the cards, and the cards I need we go to card shows and buy them.

Mom: You said you collect coins too, what is your favorite kind of coins to collect ?
Son: My favorite coin is to collect are quarters, the American Territories and National Parks and State Quarters.

Mom: What was the hardest State Quarter that you had to find and why was it so hard to find ?
Son: The quarters were all hard to get because you have to collect the “D” series and “P” series for each state. The “P” is the Philadelphia Mint code marking, and the “D” series is the Denver Mint code marking.

Mom: Since you live in the State of New York was it harder to get the Western State quarters.
Son: Yes, because the Philadelphia Mint quarters were more in the east and the Denver Mint quarters were more in the west.

Mom: Is your quarter collection finished for the state quarters ?
Son: Yes, all my state quarters have been completed and it took me around 5 years to finish, and I have three different sets.

Mom: What was the last state quarter you had to get to finish your set, and how did you get it ?
Son: The last quarter was the Hawaii “D” quarter. I think I got it when we were out west traveling at one of those laundry change machines

Mom: What is your favorite State quarter and why ?
Son: Wyoming is my favorite State quarter because my favorite College Football Team is the Wyoming Cowboys and the team logo is on the quarter.

Mom: Out of everything you’ve ever collected what is your favorite thing you collected ?
Son: My favorite thing would have to be a 2009 Topps Football Mark Sanchez $80.00 Football Card.

Mom: What is the one thing that you don’t collect, that you might like to start collecting ?
Son: I don’t know, that is too tough of a question.

Mom: How long do you think you’ll be collecting, do you think you’ll ever get tired of it ?
Son: I will collect for the rest of my life and I will never get tired of it, and I just remembered I collect Hess Trucks too.

Mom: Where do you keep all your collectibles ?
Son: I keep my collectibles in binders, coin books, envelopes for my stamps, and boxes for some of my cards too, all in my room.

Mom: Thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions, you did an awesome job !
Son: umm, thank you for having me and call me when you need me again 🙂

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