1934 Chevy Page

The Chevrolet for 1934. Chevrolet had a nice range of cars for that year. The 1934 Master Chevrolet. The information here is taken from the 1934 Master Chevrolet New Car Brochure, and was copyright by the Chevrolet Motor Company Detroit Michigan.

The 1934 Chevrolet Full Line of cars included the Chevrolet Master Six Sport Sedan, Chevrolet Master Six Town Sedan, Chevrolet Master Six Sport Coupe, Chevrolet Master Six Coupe, Chevrolet Master Six Coach, Chevrolet Master Six Sport Roadster, Chevrolet Master Six Sedan and the Chevrolet Master Six Cabriolet.

The cars featured the Revolutionary New Cushion Ride with Knee Action Wheels. Each front wheel acting like a knee, moves up and down in a straight line, preventing the bumps from reaching the car. A stablized Front End with no strain or twist because of the New YK Frame made of steel and resting upon a block of sound absorbing rubber. The cars had Blue Flame Combustion, with more power, more speed, quieter operation and less gasoline comsumption. Cool fuel enters the firing chamber away from the hot exhaust valve, burns evenly and steadily in a spreading flame after the spark plug ignites the mixture, and the burned gas is efficiently expelled from the chamber. The cars also featured Spray cooled valves, with special spray nozzles for cooling the exhaust valves with water supplied from the coolest point in the system. The cars had a Cable Controlled Mechanical 4 Wheel Brakes, completely protected from water, dust, and mud by a new dust shield within the enclosed case. The cars also came with the Syncro-Mesh transmission with the shift from low gear into second and high as fast as you like. The Valve in head six cylinder engine with Blue Flame Combustion develops 80 horsepower.

The cars also had a down draft carburetor, equipped with a silencer, air cleaner and flame arrester, an intake manifold that distributes fuel evenly to all cylinders and the Octane Selector to obtain maximum efficiency and power. They had Body by Fisher, and Fisher Ventilation with a New Cowl Ventilator. They had Safety Plate Glass, free from waves and distortion�because it was made of two polished plate sections sealed together at the edges.

The Specifications for the 1934 Master Chevrolet are below:

Engine: Six Cylinders Valve in Head type 3 5/16" bore, 4" Stroke.

Cylinders: Cst en bloc (including upper half of crankcase) Head Detachable.

Valves: 1 41/64" Diameter intake 1 15/32" diameter exhaust.

Connecting Rod Bearings: 2 1/8" Diameter. 1 9/16: Long. Material Babbitt.

Crankshaft: Weighs 63 1/2 pounds, counter balanced. Harmonic balancer combined with crankshaft pulley, three main bearings.

Crankshaft Bearings: Front 2 1/16" diameter by 1 49/64" long. Center 2 1/8" diameter by 1 7/8" long. Rear 2 3/16" diamter by 2 11/64" long, Material Steel Backed babbitt.

Oiling System: 5.3 quarts per minute, screen on intake side of oil pump.

Fuel: Mechanical fuel pump, 14 gallon tank in rear, gasoline gauge on instrument panel.

Ignition: Delco_Remy with high tension wires waterproofed. Automatic and vacuum spark control. Octane Selector connected to distributor.

Transmission: Syncro-Mesh silent second design, three speeds forward and one reverse, unit power plant construction.

Instrument Panel: Indirectly Lighted, includes ammeter, oil guauge, speedometer, theft resisting ignition lock, lighting switch, engine heat indicator, carburetor choke, throttle control, gas gauge and package compartment with lock.

Controls: Rubber pads on clutch and brake pedals. Treadle accelerator pedal also operates starter.

Clutch: New improved dry single plate. Single cushion mounted clutch disc with braided moulded facings.

Cooling: Harrison V center core radiator, water pump on fan, Core Material Copper.

Knee Action Unit: Includes double action shock absorbers.

Rear Axle: Semi Floating Type. One piece banjo type pressed steel housing one piece differential case.

Brakes: Four wheel service internal expanding type on 12" brake drums front and rear, width of brake lining 1 3/4".

Wheels:�5 Wire wheels and rear carrier standard equipment except as specified.

Tires: 5.50 X 17 Balloons.

Steering Gear: Semi Reversible Worm and Sector type 16 to 1 ratio.

Springs: Long chrome vanadium semi elliptic type rear 54: self adjusting shackles. Delco Lovejoy shock absorbers rear on all passenger models.

Frame: Channel section 5 1/4" deep, width of flange 2 3/8". Stock thickness 9/64", 4 sturdy cross members. Two sub frames. YK Shape sub frame construction.

Wheelbase: 112"