About Collecting

Collecting is different things to different people. Some things that influence how people collect include, were they introduced to it as a child. If they were it was probably coins or stamps or sports cards. And it was probably their parents who got them started, either with a few stamps and a stamp book or a few packs of baseball cards.

Many people collect in different ways also. There are paper collectors who collect all type of vintage paper. Postcards, brochures, magazines, old letter heads, and newspapers, ink blotters, and more. There are people who collect sports items. Sports items collectors have a special niche. Some sports collectors like to collect just stuff from their favorite teams.

Sports Collecting Information

Some people like to collect certain sports, like any baseball items, or just hockey or football items. Collectors will also have an allegiance to a certain type of sports card. Lets take Topps trading cards for example, some people will have the complete set of cards for Topps Baseball for every year since their birth, or earlier. So if someone was born in say 1955, they will have every set of Topps Baseball from 1955 to 2006.

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Postcard Collecting

Another great collectible is the postcard. Some people like the real photo cards only which are actual black and white photos on them. Others like myself enjoy the look of the linen postcards from the 1930s to the 1950s. Some people will collect only certain areas of interest as well.

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Collecting Automobile Memorabilia

Another interesting area of collecting is automobilia. Collecting things to do with cars. Some collectors collect everything from certain eras. Some like the 1950s and Chevys, others like myself like the muscle car era. Nothing better than a great muscle car, the look, the sound and the speed all rolled into one. Too bad the oil crisis in the 1970s killed that era.

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Collecting Books

There are book collectors who will buy books from a certain genre. Some collectors like the romance books from the 1950s and 1960s, especially the books that feature what is called good girl art on the front cover its a little risque and sexy for the times and very desirable, and these books were considered adult reading material.

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Collecting Military Items

There are many WWII Military collectors out there as well. They will have a wide range of collectibles in their collection. They might have actual weapons and field equipment from the war. Pictures and articles from newspapers and magazines as well as books from the era, or books written about the war. They might have a favorite General and have a lot of items about this General.

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There are so many things that collectors have an interest in, anything is virtually a collectible. People collect, clocks, radios, types of furniture, clothing, jewelry, law enforcement items, fire fighting patches, toys, games, Art Deco, Christmas and holiday items and so much more.

Another interesting thing about collectors is some like their collectibles to arrive spotless and in perfect shape. Other collectors like their items in not such good shape so they can work on them and get them into mint condition themselves. They enjoy the art of restoration.

Collecting involves alot of research, time, money in some case, but most of all you have to have a love for the items you collect.