Automobilia Collecting

Automobile Memorabilia Collectors, What Drives Them

There are many people that collect Automobilia or Car memorabilia and they have been doing so for decades. There are many people who actually collect the cars themselves and will have 2 or more collectible cars in their garages. Its seems like the biggest collectible cars I've seen lately stowed away at in garages and have seen at Car Shows are the Vintage 1940s War Years Cars and the Classic 1950s sock hop, drive in era. The cars that are really hot right now seem to be the Muscle Cars from the 1960s - 1970s.

The 1970s were a great time to be growing up, just because of the awesome cars ! The Ford Mustangs, the Great Mopar Muscle, Dodge Chargers, Challengers, and Roadrunners. The Chevrolets joined in with the Camaro, Chevelle SS, Chevy Nova SS, Buick had the Grand National, Oldsmobile had the Olds 442, Pontiac had the Firebird, and the GTO or Goat.

Many of the makes and models were famous for a certain reason, Ford Motor Company struck it rich when they hired Carroll Shelby to help them with the Ford Mustang, his most famous car back then was the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 or GT350, that was pure muscle. But the GT500 with the Cobra Jet engine only got roughly 6-8 miles to the gallon, ouch. Dodge which was part of Chrysler Plymouth was made famous by the HEMI engine. And Nascar helped the Dodge Daytona, when they ran it in Nascar races.

Anyways, people who collect these cars will always have memorabilia to go with the car. They might have books, brochures, car ads for the vehicles. Many car show entrants will have the ads, and books and even models of the exact car, placed in the trunk or on the dashboard to add to their entry into the show. As far as Mopar goes everyone remembers the Scat Pack Logo. Scatpack Logo

Ford Mustang has the still used today Ford Pony. Collectibles will collect posters also, tshirts, and Car Pictures, Car postcards, hood ornaments, and much more. Magazines are also very popular with car collectible items. Trucks became very popular as of late but I'm not sure how long that craze will continue with Diesel over 3.00 USD a gallon here in the United States.

Now as you can see the Auto manufacturers in Detroit are trying to go Retro, they are bringing back cars from the past, a big seller for Ford is Ford Mustang with the retro look and Dodge has the Charger which they are advertising as Modern Muscle and of course the car comes with the famous Hemi Engine. The new GTO is supposed to be fast, but it looks nothing like the original Goat. Car memorabilia collecting for the most part all comes down to love for a particular car. Then again that's the way it should be for any type of collecting.