Book Collecting

There are many people that collect Books and have been doing so for well over a century. Collectors collect books in many different ways. Some collectors will buy books only by certain authors. Any book that the particular author wrote the collector will buy. Some people will buy books in a series or trilogy, like Harry Potter. Kids like certain books as well, which might be how kids get started in collecting. My son loves books by Mercer Meyer, and anytime he sees a book by this author he gets it and says now I only need this book for my collection.

Books are interesting in that there are many different types of books. There are hardcover books, paperbacks, and they are broken down into different sections as well. Novels which are stories like fiction, non fiction or real life, Biographies of peoples lives and there life stories, reference books. Many people are into Sci Fi or Science Fiction books, Romance Novels have been great sellers since the 1940s but more so in the 1950s and 1960 to today.

There are sports collectible books, stories about sports, or books about actual sports personalities, that people write or the athletes themselves will write. There are arts and crafts type books, Knitting, Sewing, How to books, Almanacs, people even collect Encyclopedias.

There are some collectors that will only buy First Edition, First Print books, which have the highest value, alot of collectors will search for out of print books, which makes them very rare and sometimes difficult to find. Out of print books in nice condition will some times bring in alot of money.

Many books will have a Library of Congress Catalog Card Number, and an ISBN Number as well. As an example the book Maverick by Phil Jackson is a sports type book. On the inside is a page with all the copyright and other information. The information that can be found here for this particular book is: Copyright 1975 by Phil Jackson and Charles Rosen. First Edition, Published by Playboy Press. It has Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data, so this book doesn't have a Library Of Congress Catalog number yet. It does have an ISBN number o 0-87223-419-8.

ISBN is for International Standard Book Number and was started in England in 1966 and was a way for the books to be identified. The number is usually between 10 and 13 Digits long and is divided into four or five parts. The country field is 0 for English speaking countries, 2 for French speaking countries, 3 for German speaking countries, 4 for Japanese, 5 for Russian, etc.

The Jim Plunkett Story has a copyright date of 1981 and a Library of Congress Catalog Car number of 81-66958, for the most part most Library of Congress Catalog number the first two numbers are the year of Copyright.

Another thing that collectors look for when collecting books is a book with the original Dust Jacket or Dust Cover.

Example of a book with the original Dust Jacket

Other books are bought but are missing the original cover and aren't worth quite as much. Example of a book missing the Dust Jacket

Some books that are bought by collectors are in rather rough shape and are in need in some repair. If the book is falling apart and the binding is separating from the book pages, the book can be sent in for repairs and have the binding redone, when this is done the company making the repairs will put some identifying stickers on the book, showing its not original but has been repaired. The cost of having a book repaired depends on many factors including the type of binding, the size of the book and number of books you are having done.

One funny thing we notice is that collectors and regular people buy books from us that we specify is a used library book with the stampings, stickers and more on them. I think the reason that this doesn't matter to our customers is that many library books that we carry are out of print how to find books.