1984 Ford Full Line New Car Brochure Mustang

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A 1984 Ford Full Line New Car Brochure. The brochure has Litho in U.S.A. 019-Ann 8/83 Ford Division Ford on the back cover. This is an original brochure not a reproduction. The brochure is a apprx 20 pages long with write ups and great color pictures of cars inside, Gas Mileage, Scheduled Maintenance, Option Availability, Technical Service Bulletins, Safety Features and more. The brochure features the following cars: 1984 Ford Tempo, Templ GLX, Temp GL, Tempo L, 1984 Ford Thunderbird, Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Thunderbird elan, 1984 Ford LTD, Ford LTD Brougham, Ford LTD Wagon, 1984 Ford Mustang, Mustang SVO, Mustang GT, Mustang Turbo GT, Mustang LX, Mustang L, Mustang Convertible, 1984 Ford Escort, Escort GT, Escort Turbo GT, Escort LX, Escort GL, Escort L, 1984 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Ford EXP, Ford EXP Luxury Coupe, EXP Turbo Coupe. Cars pictured in this brochure include: Tempo GL 4 Door Sedan, Tempo L 2 Door Coupe, Tempo GLX 4 Door Sedan, Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Thunder elan, FILA Thunderbird, LTD Wagon with Squire Option, LTD 4 Door Sedan, LTD Wagon with Rear Bumper Guard, LTD 4 Door Sedan, Mustang L 3 Door, Mustang SVO, Mustang GT Convertible, Escort LX Wagon, Escort GT, Escort GL 4 Door, LTD Crown Victoria 4 door sedan, Country Squire Wagon, LTD Crown Victoria 2 Door Sedan, EXP Turbo Coupe. The brochure is in excellent condition with no rips, and no writing and no creases. There is some cover wear on the front and back covers.

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